Power Protein Gun Pack Training Mix

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Selected for their high protein content, the ‘Gun Pack’ is loaded with six of nature’s absolute super snipers. Perfect for before and/or after an intense workout sesh, take a fistful of these puppies but just watch where you’re swinging those guns buddy!! ;)

  • Almonds (22.5%), Cashews (10%), Hulled Hemp Seeds (12.5%), Pistachios (12.5%), Pumpkin Seeds (17.5%), Redskin Peanuts (25%)
  • Raw, Unsalted and Unroasted
  • Loaded with a Whoppin' 25g of Protein per 100g
  • Complete Protein Source (Contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids)
  • An Epic Hit of Vitamins, Minerals, and Essential Fats
  • Perfect for Baking, Cereals, Snacking and as a Training Supplement
  • 800g, 1.6kg and 3.2kg Bulk Pack Sizes
Nutritional Information, typical values per 100g
Energy 2376kJ/568kcal
Carbohydrates 16.9g
of which sugars 5.3g
Fibre 15.8g
Fat 47.5g
of which saturates 5.9g
Protein 24.8g
Salt 0.001g

Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Allergen Information Packed on a premises which handles nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and cereals (not containing gluten).