Bringin' in the Chia Seeds!

Chia seeds are teeny-weeny raw edible seeds that come from the delightful bright blue flowering plant related to mint and sage. Chia typically grows in the deserts of southern Mexico - and doesn't require pesticides to maintain. Mint.

The Native American tribes, aztecs and mayans all recognised the high energy value and medicinal benefits of the miniscule chia seed and used them as a main component in their diet. In the Mayan language Chia even means 'Strength', so that's kind of gangsta - for something so titchy.

Aztec warriors in survival mode would pipe down just a teaspoon of chias - aka 'running food' - to last them 24 hours, relieve joint pain, sore skin, and increase saliva flow. Woah.


Some modern athletes are doing similar for their hydration by making 'chia gel' - soaking the super-seeds which have the awesome skill of absorbing over 10 times their weight with water. Dam.

Chia seeds are a complete protein and could be the richest source of Omega-3 from the entire plant kingdom (whaaat!) packing more omegas than salmon. They taste quite nutty and make a groovie-smoothie or a handy additional sprinkle to salads, soups, sandwiches, cereal, yogurts, energy bars... you name it. Even add them to flour when baking - a rather popular egg replacement in vegan baking due to chia's immense gelatinous nature. They can also be added to berry jam or sprouted like cress to make your windowsill look green and edible... incredible!

At Gorilla Food Co. there must be a good billion or so chia seeds getting bagged right now, and at a couple of quid for such tasty health benefits, one can't even fathom not sniping a few and gulping them down... transforming you into an ancient modern urban aztec warrior athlete – which hidden just under the surface, youve always been anyway

Chia seed feast - unleash the beast!

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