Travelling Bee Co. Wild Flower Honey - 2 x 227g Twin Pack - SAVE 10%

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This locally-produced honey is collected from bees at several “apiaries” (sometimes called bee yards where beehives are located) around the wilds of Scotland and North East England. The bees love the ability to have a wide range of flowers to choose from and it helps to maintain a healthy vibrant beehive. This honey has a floral taste and can be quite clear depending upon what flowers the bees produce the honey from. A great mix of clover, hedgerow and trees. Can contain a mix of 4 months of flowers. A very popular all round honey.

  • Locally-produced wild flower honey
  • Natural and unprocessed
  • From the wilds of Scotland and North East England
  • Great for spreading, baking and sweetening drinks
  • Save 10% with this great value 2 x 227g twin pack