Mr Mac-Attack, Yo, Magic Marley Marl!!

Just looking at the creamy coloured, rock-hard spherical marbles that are Macadamia Nuts - part of the plant family Proteaceae - you get an inkling that they would be rather good for building and maintaining strong, healthy bones and reducing arthritic symptoms.......and you'd be bang on, bro! ;)

Carrying zero cholesterol, deez nuts are super-rich in thiamin and manganese - containing 58 percent of the recommended daily value of the latter in one small serving, making these crunchy treats truly the bomb when it comes to bone strength!

"Macadamia nuts hail from large evergreen trees growing near streams and river banks in the rainforest - preferring a mild, frost-free climate with plenty of rain, which is why they are indigenous to parts of Australia like Queensland - and hence Macadamia's other names - the 'Queensland Nut', 'Hawaii Nut', or even the 'Bauple' or 'Boombera' in the Aboriginal tongue."


Very apt names if you ask us, resembling baubles on a tree dangling down in clusters, and their sheer giant and perfect roundness has 'Boombera' written all over it. In fact, the shell of the macadamia is so damn strong that it can break home-use nutcrackers. Boom!

Toxic to Dogs apparently – so don't feed the kanines these power-beasts... they're just too macadam-strong, yo! Not to mention, they are by far the most expensive nut on Planet Earth, so you'd need a dog with pretty plush tastes ;)

Instead, shave them over salads, sweet and savoury dishes - they're so rich that they make an awesome, nutty 'parmesan'-style topping. Also well-loved in cookies and desserts, or if you're feeling luxurious you can blend them up and make the most magnificent dairy-free macadamia milk or cheese.

"Graded from Style 8 (fine granules) to Style 0 (premium wholes) - where one single unshelled nut can weigh up to 6 grams! Huge beasts. We typically stock Style 1 or 0 macadamias and the size and presence of these behemoths is a sight to behold!"


So, with an enormous oil content of up to 80%, and with higher levels of monounsaturated 'good' fats than any natural, commercially available food source, its one of the best energy boosters the frickin' entire world has ever seen!

Woaaaah......who da Mac??!

I dunno, bust over here and find out!!


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