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We're stocking Californian Nonpareil Extra No. 1 Grade Almonds at the moment, which are generally considered amongst the highest grade available. They are raw and unpasteurised and have a large, plump kernel size with an attractive overall appearance.

So, a little bit about the most popular nut in the world....


Basically almonds are the seed inside the stone of a fruit. Very similar, and in fact within the same family, as apricots peaches n nectarines – ooh and cherries and plums too... Recognise!

It's pretty gangsta to chomp the seed inside the stone of a fruit that isn't actually a stone or a fruit, and called a nut when technically not a nut...simply because it's packed full of vitamin E, proteins, minerals and healthy fats. I love eating the inside of stones, me... as it makes you kinda Heartcore, wouldn't you agree?!?

It's also interesting to note that this ancient tree - that's been domesticated since around 3000BC - is dependant on pollination from the honey bee, so growers these days literally ship in hives from all over the country when the almond blossom needs pollinating in February. Crazy.

But hey, if almonds can help raise awareness and conservation for bees, that's canny decent – cos bees are superfly!

The tree originated in the Far East, and travellers would hike the silk road from China to the Med...munching almonds along the way - what with them being such an immense, long-lasting, dry nutritious snack n all, but some dudes fumbled a few on route from nut-pouch to mouth and suddenly there were almond trees all over the gaff, just like the tree intended! Nice Moves Tree-Being

So if you like super-nutritious food on the hurry up, and you love travelling, and bees, and trees, and inner-fruit-stone-seeds called nuts...

Almonds are your boy!

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